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A lot of people love infographics. The primary reason why they do so includes being able to learn by simply looking at attractive graphics interacting with each other that somehow tells a compelling story. Simple facts are presented in an exciting way, thus stimulating our brain to remember the details more than we do if we read it in plain text. Some people believe they could make such masterpiece if they only have designer skills. However, this is not the case anymore!

You can now create your own infographic online even without designer skills. Creating infographics online is easier than you thought. Various infographic creator tools can be utilized including the This is a web-based application which means it can run on any browser. In short, you don’t need to download or install anything. Once you created and logged into your account, you’re good to go.

Among the exciting features of InfographiCreator tool is the ability to add graphs, charts, images, percentage representation, step-by-step process, different types of text, and more. Once done, you can download it in PNG or PDF format. You can also save unfinished infographic and work on it some other time. It’s as easy and convenient as that.

Furthermore, it has the option to be embedded on websites or to be shared on social media. If you are a teacher, you can use this tool to create an overview of your lessons daily in order to catch and retain the attention of your students. However you use it, it’s all up to you. But, what it can guarantee is a fun, exciting, quick, and easy way for you to create your own infographic online.

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  • Life is beautiful, but not always easy... People are constantly surrounded by useful information, but nowadays it is so abundant, that we filter out most of it, no matter how important it is. The best way to organize and communicate large amounts of information effectively is to display it in an Infographic. It is our passion to make information more accessible and fun to look at, and in doing so, help the world become a better place.